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Neptunes are one of the templar classes you may choose to deploy on missions.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Neptunes are similar to Soldiers in that they have access to a superior form of Overwatch and thus can hold down choke points extremely well. However, their stats vary in subtle ways and their skill set is decidedly different with a greater emphasis on AoE ranged damage, less on mobility and absolutely no group buffs. Many of the Neptune's skills will quickly add lots of heat. Fortunately the Neptune can reduce its own heat with the use of a particular talent.

Neptunes are typically not invested in via the requisition tree if Berserkers or Hydras have been.

Starting Attributes[edit | edit source]

Neptunes begin with the following attributes, skills, and class features:

Class Features[edit | edit source]

  • Base HP: 96 + 1 per level
  • HP Modifier: + 6 HP per Fortitude
  • Toughness Modifier: 150% of Fortitude
  • Resistance Modifier: 125% of Willpower
  • SP Cost: 500 + 5 x Level, maximum = 550

Attributes[edit | edit source]

  • Fortitude: 4
  • Willpower: 2
  • Focus: 3
  • Strength: 4
  • Quickness: 2

Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Gunnery: 4
  • Warrior: 2
  • Tactics: 3
  • Evasion: 2

Starting Talents[edit | edit source]

The Neptune starts with a single rank in Full Auto, Grapple, and Overwatch Burst.

Usable Gear[edit | edit source]

The Neptune uses heavy repeater cannons and gauntlets. They also use weapon-mods (War Gear shared with Soldiers) and armor coating (War Gear shared with Hydras and Paladins.) Finally, they may equip Neptune-specific heavy armors.

Neptune Talents[edit | edit source]

Full Auto[edit | edit source]
  • Ranged group-attack with a heavy heat cost.
  • Ends movement when used.
  • Hits a cone shape until rank 5 at which it hits an expanded cone shape.
  • Low accuracy bonuses and a heavy 15 Heat per shot makes this a very niche talent for exact formations of enemies.
  • Deals considerable damage, especially at higher ranks.
Grapple[edit | edit source]
  • Melee single-target attack that ends movement, and buffs on damaging a foe.
  • Grants defensive bonuses on damaging a foe for 3 turns, and only costs 1 AP.
  • Given that the Neptune already requires a significant amount of strength to use his/her weapon accurately, this attack may actually hit somewhat reliably with a few points invested in the talent.
Overwatch Burst[edit | edit source]
  • Covers a 3x3 area with suppressing fire, attacking enemies that enter it during their turn.
  • Very similar to the Soldier's Overwatch talent but with some small nuances that make it strictly better than the Soldier's Overwatch.
  • Costs 1 Heat less to engage and per shot than the Soldier's Overwatch, has slightly better accuracy, equivalent damage bonus, slightly better critical hit chance, and has a small-to-moderate bonus to penetration that isn't present on the Soldier's version.
Deadly Burst[edit | edit source]
  • Ranged group-attack hitting a small number of enemies.
  • Comparable to Full Auto but with a much lower heat cost of 6, better accuracy, doesn't end movement, in return for slightly less damage and only hitting a V shaped AoE.
  • This is the only move in the Neptune's arsenal that doesn't end his movement, making at least one rank quite valuable for nearly all Neptunes.
  • Vastly preferred in most circumstances to Full Auto but doesn't come with a free talent rank.
Stabilize Platform[edit | edit source]
  • Self-only buff for 4 turns that increases ranged accuracy, damage, and critical hit chance.
  • Has limited uses increased at higher ranks.
  • Like nearly every Neptune talent, the Neptune cannot move after using this.
Full-Vent[edit | edit source]
  • Reduces the Neptune's current heat level in exchange for a self-debuff for 2 to 4 turns.
  • Has limited uses that increase at higher ranks (but due to the improved heat reduction of higher ranks, are less needed.)
  • The debuff lowers MP, deflection, dodge, and armor and all of those penalties get worse at higher ranks except for MP which is always reduced by 2.
  • The duration of the debuff decreases from 4 to 3 at rank 5 and from 3 to 2 at rank 10.
  • Like nearly every Neptune talent, the Neptune cannot move after using this.
Concentrated Fire[edit | edit source]
  • Ranged Single-target attack with a high damage bonus.
  • Accuracy is similar to Full Auto but the damage is quite a bit higher and the heat cost is 9 instead of 15. However, it only hits a single target and doesn't come with a free rank.
  • Like nearly every Neptune talent, the Neptune cannot move after using this.
Suppressing Fire[edit | edit source]
  • Ranged AoE Damage and Debuff attack with a high heat cost.
  • Hits a 3x3 area until rank 5 at which it hits a diamond shaped area containing up to 13 targets!
  • The debuff lowers enemy MP by at least 2 points (5 at rank 10) and dodge by a moderate amount.
  • The damage bonus is lower than the other talents and has the same heat cost as Full Auto but the number of targets hit and the power of the debuff makes that almost always a worthy trade.
  • Especially at higher ranks, combining this with a followup Overwatch Burst can shut down a massive group of foes for a long time.
  • Like nearly every Neptune talent, the Neptune cannot move after using this.