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Hydras are one of the templar classes you may choose to deploy on missions.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Hydras are the more mobile of the two heavy weapon wielding templars, as most talents do not prevent movement after use, at the trade-off of short-medium attack range and rendering terrain hazardous to both sides.Their attacks are more reliant on fire damage than physical, due to the low penetration capabilities of the flamethrower, which leaves them vulnerable to foe with high fire res. Stat wise they are very similar to Neptunes but feature a stronger willpower gain over HP; they also require an investment in tactics to maximise their damage output. They are incapable of performing overwatch, instead they rely on area denial through residual flames.

They have access to specialist armours that are sometimes shared with flame tank Engineers, but will always provide Fire res along with 1+ other modifiers. As most of their talents generate lots of heat they have a wide variety of gear options to raise their maximum heat, in addition to a talent.

Starting Attributes[edit | edit source]

Hydras begin with the following attributes, skills, and class features:

Class Features[edit | edit source]

  • Base HP: 96 + 1 per level
  • HP Modifier: + 5 HP per Fortitude
  • Toughness Modifier: 150% of Fortitude
  • Resistance Modifier: 250% of Willpower
  • SP Cost: 500 + 5 x Level, maximum = 550

Attributes[edit | edit source]

  • Fortitude: 5
  • Willpower: 2
  • Focus: 2
  • Strength: 3
  • Quickness: 3

Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Gunnery: 4
  • Warrior: 2
  • Tactics: 3
  • Evasion: 2

Starting Talents[edit | edit source]

The Hydra starts with a single rank in Hellstorm, Grapple, and Napalm Charge.

Usable Gear[edit | edit source]

The Hyrdra uses the flame-based Hydra Cannons, gauntlets, Leviathan Reactors (War Gear shared with engineers), and Armor Coatings (War Gear shared with Paladins and Berserkers.) They use Flame Tank armor (shared with fire-based Engineers), as well as Hydra only armor.

Hydra Talents[edit | edit source]

Hellstorm[edit | edit source]
  • Group ranged fire attack.
  • Hits a V shape with good accuracy and bonus fire damage and critical chance.
  • The area impacted upgrades to a cone shape at rank 3 and an expanded cone at rank 5, hitting up to 6 targets.
  • Enemies killed from this attack may leave a burning tile that deals damage and imparts heat to anyone walking through it.
Grapple[edit | edit source]
  • Single Target Melee attack that ends movement when used but grants a short buff if it connects and deals damage.
  • As it uses 1 AP and only 3 heat this can be a good talent for the Hydra to use when only 1 AP remains and no further movement is necessary in some situations.
  • Because the Hydra will sometimes have a high strength to use his/her weapon, this can be a somewhat accurate attack for the Hydra, despite being a melee attack.
Napalm Charge[edit | edit source]
  • Ranged AoE and DoT attack with usage limit.
  • Covers an area in flame. The area is initially a 3x3 area but upgrades to a diamond of 13 targets at rank 3 and a 25 target huge diamond at rank 7.
  • Hits a number of targets limited by Tactics and thus begins at hitting only 3 foes.
  • Extremely useful in denying enemy spawns as enemies will not spawn from tiles covered in flame.
  • Very powerful when combined with another templar on Overwatch as foes will be stuck in the burning tiles for additional time.
  • Has more range than any other Hydra talent.
  • Uses 3 AP, which means its use requires careful planning.
Incinerator[edit | edit source]
  • Short-range single target attack that deals massive bonus fire damage, bonus critical chance, and a moderate penetration bonus.
  • Generates 15 Heat, making it an expensive attack to use routinely.
Heat Waves[edit | edit source]
  • Limited-use medium-range AoE attack that hinders foes if it deals damage to them.
  • Has somewhat lower accuracy than other Hydra attacks and deals less base damage.
  • Bonus damage is not fire based, making this a potential option against enemies that are heavily resistant to fire.
  • Crippling effect lowers melee accuracy and damage dealt, and also reduces MP from rank 2+.
  • Hits an expanded cone shape.
Inferno Seal[edit | edit source]
  • Limited-use Group Buff that grants a small amount of deflection and armor and a large amount of Fire Resist (Fire Res).
  • Number of targets impacted by Tactics skill, and thus starts at 3 templars affected.
  • Cannot be used while overheated.
Redline Reactor[edit | edit source]
  • Self-only buff that grants a higher overheating threshold and bonus damage for 4 turns.
  • Has usage limit that increases at higher ranks.
  • Costs 6 heat to use, but it isn't particularly valuable at ranks 1 and 2 due to very minor gains to max heat.
  • This is the only Hydra-specific skill that uses 1 AP.
Napalm Lance[edit | edit source]
  • Limited-use Ranged AoE DoT with a high critical hit chance.
  • Similar to Napalm Charge but has more fire damage, much higher critical chance but can only hit a 3x3 area and has one tile less range.
  • Number of targets impacted by Tactics skill, and thus starts at 3 foes affected, even if more are present in the AoE.