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This page is divided into 3 sections: a brief description of each mission strand; the mission parameters of each available mission; links to complete walk throughs.

Brief Campaign Overview[edit | edit source]

1) Tutorial: 5 Missions. Reduced to 4 on new game+ as the intro is removed. Also, you may choose to skip the tutorial deployment completely on a new game.

2) Galantia Cross: 4 Missions. 2 different choices for your first mission. Your choice influences the mission terrain and turn goal in the third mission. Completing this mission strand unlocks the Rychart Prime mission strand.

3) Rychart Prime: 5 Missions with 2 optional missions (Kaldun). After completing mission 1, you have your only chance to attempt the two optional missions; you can't attempt them later on as you won't return to the desert command bunker.

If you do choose to go to Kaldun: Your choice of finishing location when breaching the factory entrance dictates whether you start at the Northern or Southern deployment zone. Whilst this does not alter the mission, it does alter you mission title in the battle records. Upon completion you will return to the desert command bunker and carry on to Drayan.

4) Ferari Lance: 4 Missions. Two choices for mission 1 that has no effect for later missions. This mission strand can be done second, third or fourth depending on the player's choice.

5) Rubic 5: 5 Missions. Requires both Ferari Lance and Rychart Prime be completed to access. No special criteria.

6) Leo Major: 4 Missions. Final mission has an auto fail criteria linked to number of turns taken.

7) Moklumnue Prime: 4 Missions. Protect unarmed citizens/ human soldiers with rifles is a common occurrence. Caution, the human soldiers are weak and die quickly, even on easy mode.

8) Final Chapter: 5 Missions. Devoid of secondary objectives, increase in number of enemy with ranged attacks.

Epilogue missions

9) Stratos space station: 5 Missions. Choice of two differing missions for the fourth mission (command centre or research hall). Your choice must be made before the mission completion screen appears in the third mission. Which you choose influences the reward balance (mainly XP or RP) for the fourth mission and the difficulty of final mission, as only one will remove all the fortified machine gun turrets.

0) New Game+. Restart game with all XP you've earned and skills you've unlocked. Useful to unlock achievements.

Mission Parameters[edit | edit source]

Below is every mission title, [turn goal], minimum XP & RP reward for completion on easy difficulty, number of secondary objectives present and if any humans must be escorted to safety. Where a) and b) are listed, you may only attempt one mission variant. If this occurs twice in a mission set, you will do both A's or both B's, e.g. Choosing Galantia Cross mission 1a means mission 3a will also be played.

Tutorial (can be bypassed for your first play through, if this your second time starting from scratch)

1) Deck 12 Cappa Sector [15T] 10XP, 0RP, 0XSO (skipped on New Game+)

2) Deck 14 Alta Sector [18T] 40XP, 40RP, 1x SO

3) Deck 14 Power Relay Grid [16T] 80XP, 75RP, 1X SO

4) Alien Vessel: Counter Attack [10T] 100XP, 150RP, 0X SO

5) Alien Vessel: Bomb Escort [12T] 140XP, 150RP, 2X SO

Galantia Cross

1a) Drop Zone on Galantia [15T] 100 XP, 80RP, 0X SO

1b) March from Galantia [12T] 80XP, 100RP, 0X SO

2) Siege at Tundeer [24T] 100 XP, 100RP, 5x SO

3a) Great Pipeline: Bombed [16T] 100XP, 100RP, 0X SO

3b) Great Pipeline: Intact [14T] 100XP, 100RP, 0X SO

4) Extermination By Fire [18T] 140 XP, 180RP, 2x SO

Rychart Prime

1) Patrol Route [6T] 80XP, 80RP, 2x SO

1.1) (optional) Kaldun: Factory Entrance [16T] 80XP, 100RP, 2X SO

1.2) (optional) Kaldun: Factory Core North/South [26T] 80XP, 120RP, 6X SO

2) Trench Warfare [10T] 80XP, 80RP, 2x SO

3) Drayan Core [14T] 100XP, 100RP, 4x SO

4) Drayan Palace [14T] 100XP, 120RP, 0X SO

5) Extermination Protocol [24T] 200XP, 240RP, 2x SO

Ferarai Lance

1a) Boarding [12T] 80XP, 80RP, 6X SO

1b) Boarding March [12T] 80XP, 80RP, 6X SO

2) Airlock Chambers [20T] 80XP, 80RP, 2X SO

3) Power Relay [24T] 100XP, 100RP, 3X SO

4) Atmo Re-entry [16T] 120XP, 120RP, 1X SO, 4X ESCORT

Rubic 5

1) Infiltration Site [16T] 80XP, 80RP, 1X SO

2) Drop Shaft [10T] 80XP, 80RP, 1X SO

3) Tunnel Complex [20T] 100XP, 100RP, 3X SO

4) Artifact Vaults [12T] 100XP, 100RP, 1X SO

5) Detonation Site [20T] 120XP, 120RP 2X SO

Leo Major

1) Dread Falcon [20T] 80XP, 80RP, 3X SO

2) Leo Dropzone [8T] 100XP, 100RP, 3X SO

3) Southbound Trail [16T] 100XP, 120RP, 2X SO

4) Traitor's Bunker [16T] 120XP, 140RP, 2X SO

Moklumnue Prime

1) Drop Zone [24T] 100XP, 100RP, 3X SO, 3X ESCORT (hidden)

2) Starport Breach [20T] 100XP, 120RP, 2X SO, 5X ESCORT (armed)

3) Orbital Defence Battery [28T] 120XP, 160RP, 2X SO, 3X ESCORT (armed)

4) Starport Vault [24T] 180XP, 200RP, 3X SO

Final Chapter

1) Righteous Fallen: Deck 7 Alta Sector [12T] 100XP, 120RP, 0X SO

2) Righteous Fallen: Bridge [10T] 120XP, 150RP, 0X SO

3) Hive Ship: Outer Hull [24T] 100XP, 180RP, 0X SO

4) Hive Ship: Narvidian Core [20T] 120XP, 220RP, 0XSO

5) Hive Ship: Hive Mind [30T] 220XP, 560RP, 0XSO

Stratos Space Station (Epilogue)

1) Central Airlock [22T] 100XP, 120RP, 3XSO

2) Defence Relay [22T] 100XP 150RP, 1XSO

3) Elevator Complex [24T] 120XP, 150RP, 3XSO

4a) Command Centre [14T] 250XP, 50RP, 1XSO

4b) Research Hall [32T] 50XP, 300RP, 5XSO, 2X ESCORT

5) Reactor Core [18T] 150XP, 150RP, 2XSO

Guidance on where to find all secondary objective locations has been kept separate to avoid spoilers.

Campaign Guides[edit | edit source]

There are two great guides that list all of the missions in the game posted on Steam.

NtSheep's Walkthrough: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=541954622

Warlord Mal's Comprehensive Let's Play Video Guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=750809421